Competition Rules

Grayson County

Old-Time & Bluegrass Fiddlers' Convention!

An Official Crooked Road Event

Competition Rules

Decision of the Judges and/or Event Manager during the event is final. Your participation in our event signifies your agreement to abide by the rules as presented.

~ Registration for each contest will remain open until the contest is over.

~Individuals and bands must perform while their particular contest is taking place. Once that contest is finished, no other contestants will be allowed to perform.

~Bands must perform Friday and Saturday night to be eligible for prize money.

~An old time band must have at least three members but no more than seven and must have a fiddle and a five string banjo played in an old time style.

~A bluegrass band must have at least three members but no more than seven and must have a five string banjo and also a fiddle or mandolin played in a bluegrass style.

~Band members be the same during each night's performances unless an emergency arises. Changes must be cleared with the competition manager before the band takes the stage.

~Drums, horns, and electric instruments are not allowed in any contest. Harmonicas and other reed instruments are permitted.

~Individual contestants can have one additional instrumental back up if they choose.

~For the folksong contest-it’s best to select a traditional song from the public domain, however, the song does not necessarily have to be a ballad. A folksong is a song that’s been passed down from one generation to the next and has become a part of the folksong tradition. A singer may also choose to have an additional instrumental back up but they cannot have any vocal accompaniment. Registration is limited to the first 20 to sign up on Friday and the first 20 on Saturday. A contestant can sing on Friday or Saturday but not both days.

~A person can enter only one instrumental contest and only one band. They can also enter folksong and dance, if they choose. Youth performers are allowed to enter one adult individual contest and one adult band contest in addition to the youth categories.

~Individuals will not be judged out of a band performance.

~Youth awards will be given away before the start of band competition on Saturday evening.

~If a contestant breaks a string while performing, they should stop playing. They will be allowed to return later to perform without any penalty.

~The Elk Creek Fire Department reserves the right to make audio and or video recordings without consent from any performer or band.

~No copyrighted music.

~Friday’s Order of Contests Are: (5pm start)




*Old Time Banjo

*Bluegrass Fiddle

*Bands (order announced at registration)

*Flatfoot Dance (Rosettes Only)

~Saturday’s Order of Contests Are: (3pm start)



*Bass Fiddle


*Blue Grass Banjo

*Old Time Fiddle

*Youth Competition (age 16 and under)

*Youth Dance


*Bands (order announced at registration)

*Adult Dance

Posted July 8, 2019.

Sponsored by the Elk Creek Valley Volunteer Fire Department and Ladies' Auxiliary.

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