What is a "Splatterboard"???

A splatterboard is a round piece of posterboard that is divided into roughly 100 pie-shaped sections. The first and second place prizes are listed for the respective splatterboard classes and anyone attending the event can purchase these spaces for $1.00 each. The buyers' names are written in the spaces, and then the board is taken to the rifle range. The splatterboard is hung by its center on a nail driven into the backstop. After giving it a good spin, Fire Department members shoot the outer edge of the splatterboard with a .22 caliber pistol. By shooting while the board is spinning, it is ensured that the results are completely random.

The prizes are awarded to those individuals whose spaces have a bullet hole COMPLETELY inside them. If a line is cut, another shot is taken unless the individual "owns" all spaces that are touched.

This class gives folks that may not be shooting a chance to participate in our event.